Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cash mob coming to a business near you!

No, not THAT kind of mob ...

THIS kind of mob!

A mob will descend on Palmer Bar Thursday at 6:30 p.m. It's OK. The mob will be holding $20 bills. It's very business-friendly. 

Most people are familiar with flash mobs - the sudden and seemingly unscripted appearance of large groups of singers or dancers as coordinated by smart phone. 

Well, tomorrow night marks Palmer's first cash mob, an idea dreamed up by local business owners Denise Statz (NonEssentials) and Teresa Roy (Cover Ups). Roy says the mob encourages people to "shop local, eat local, drink and meet local." Find them on Facebook at cash mob Palmer AK. Everybody is encouraged to bring a $20 and meet one new person. Future mobs are planned. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Putting the Post on a temporary hold

As some of you few but loyal followers may have noticed, the Post has been mighty quiet these past weeks. Well. We've been pondering our future. And, sad to say, we've decided to put the Post on hiatus.

Our lives are currently too busy to spend the kind of time necessary to making this blog as informative and lively as we'd hoped. We founded the Post as a way to make use of our journalistic talents and fill a gap in local news coverage.  But we're finding we end up posting whatever story we have the time for in a given week. That's not journalism, and our community deserves better.

Rindi and Melodie are moving on to other things. Zaz will carry on; send any communications her way at We'll try to update as often as we can but you won't be seeing weekly Wednesday updates. Check back regularly - you never know what might appear!

-- Rindi, Melodie and Zaz